Hero Series Sauna

Feel the rejuvenating spirit of Apples Hero Series Saunas. Our heaters are the heart and soul of the sauna. With exclusive heater designs, Hero can accommodate more rocks that come in direct contact with the elements. The result is unadulterated pleasure due to the mild steam and even heat. Open airflow design allows quick, effective and energy efficient heating.

Our Hero heaters are safety tested and trusted for superior quality. The heaters dual-body design maintains minimal surface temperatures and ensures better safety and elevated sauna pleasure. Stainless steel body and heating elements ensure high performance for longer periods. The heat shields stainless steel finish and MS powder coated body further imparts aesthetic appeal to the sauna.

Our Hero Series Heaters afford you the pleasant experience of a classic sauna. Over the years, Apple has been responsible for a series of revolutionary innovations which greatly improved the sauna environment.

Our slim heaters differ from our competitors in many important aspects. You can see the difference in the precision, quality and the boldly designed grills that effectively circulate the warm air.

Experience the sensation, feel revitalised and refreshed.

Hero intelligent digital controller: 2 sets of independent contacts for the thermostatic control and the thermal cut out. Top setting 50- I I 0°C or I 22-230°F

Intelligent Sequential heating system: A. B working model, Setting time from 0- 12 hours, working time -30 minutes to I 2 hours, Double over heat protection system for both sauna room and sauna heater.

LED diagnostic system: I nterlock function complies with the new CE standard.



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