J Series

So youve managed to achieve success. But it comes at a high cost.

Your high profile lifestyle is now fraught with busy schedules, stiff deadlines, back-to-back meetings followed by late night dinners, parties, etc.

Indeed, all the trappings of a jet setting life and the stress and complications that go with it. All of which adds to stress & tensions, besides building up toxins and releasing harmful free radicals. On a lower scale it leads to fatigue, acidity and a worn-out look. However, prolonged exposures could lead to even more serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stroke or possibly cancer.

A hectic lifestyle deprives you of regular exercise, visit to a health club or a spa. Thereby closing all avenues of unwinding or de-stressing and preparing a recipe for disaster.

But now you can still bid goodbye to the health club and yet feel fit and relaxed right in your home.

Apples J2 Series hydrotherapy solutions uplift your mind, body and spirit. Indulge in the luxury of any of Apples bathing systems and simply ease away all traces of stress. Experience peace of mind and total rejuvenation of your body.

Apple offers you an entire range of whirlpool systems installed in the comfort of your own luxurious bathroom. Feel all the tiredness seeping away from your tensed muscles and your energy come flooding back.

Choose from a gentle and relaxing or invigorating and energising massage to suit your requirement.



Modern tub with enticing curves and stylish neck rest blends with any bathroom decor and brings y


Sporty P shaped tub provides more space around the shoulder allowing easy flow of water, thus max


A rectangular large tub thoughtfully designed to accommodate the contours of your body, and deep


The feminine curves are specially designed to match the natural bodycurves, allowing optimum erg


A trendy, tempting, seductive and broad tub to discover the happiness of togetherness. Laze and e


A boad and deep tub for luxurious soaking. It combines ergonomics and aesthetics especially a soo


This thick bordered tub enhances comfort for your neck and its built-in arm rest allows you to re


Ergonomically designed to provide ample space and comfort. It also includes a whirlpool and air p


Its classic oval shape makes it both comfortable and beautiful, spacious & deep with high neck re


Economic and simple with urban minimalist style, crafted with good leg room for better comfort an


Specially crafted like lotus leaves, this curvaceous tub is deep, sensuous and spacious. Stimulat


Simple and classical allowing more space to stretch out and relax, Blends with all hydro therapeu


Slim and deep space saving design. Matches your body contours and its oval shape entices you to s


Compact yet elegantly designed. It is the ideal choice for those who wish to realise their bathin


Beautifully designed bow-shaped tub with extra depth for better soaking. Allows maximum utilisati


The beautiful petal-shaped beauty tempts you to explore all its inner aspects. Its deep and ergon


One of the epitomes of luxury this whirlpool tub recreates the natural experience of bathing unde


Feel like a real star once you take a dip in this magnificent whirlpool of excitement. Thoughtful


Harmonious oval shape ergonomically crafted for absolute relaxation with spacious interiors and a


Add a whole new dimension to bathing. Its shape makes optimum use of space with maximum bathing a


Discover the luxury of space with elegance. Built for two its unique shape and stylish curves all


Compact yet fully functional, this tub fulfils all your bathing aspirations. Its well-defined cur