Pressure Pumps

So youve got yourself a hi-end bathing system or expensive gadget for your bathroom. Now you look forward to getting the best performance and benefits from its installation. For instance, you would love to feel the water from various jets and showers hitting you at the right pressure points to relax you. Unfortunately, you discover that theres just not enough pressure to achieve the desired result, leaving you totally frustrated and wanting. Thats when you need the power of an Apple Pressure Pump. Apple increases the water pressure so that you can enjoy the luxury and benefits and get the best out of your hi-end bathroom gadgets - showers, shower panels and consoles whichever floor youre on!

Domestic and Commercial Booster Pumps for enhanced performance


Utlra Series

Unobtrusive, timeless and incorporating the very latest technology. Just as powerful jets in sho

Euro Series

We all use water differently; we all have our daily rituals and our own tastes. These different r

Tango Series

Ruggedly designed to provide your precious bathing systems with enduring power for maximum perfor

Hero Series

It is designed to deliver real bathing experience at the most economical rate and ease of install