About Us

With urbanisation comes congestion, vehicular, industrial and noise pollution. Add to that a hectic lifestyle driven by competition and you are likely to belong to the coterie of millions afflicted by the bane of modern society: stress, and with it, a package of ailments ranging from mild to serious. The need ofthe hour therefore is to UNWIND. And what better way to do so than in the comfort of your own home.

Apple Bathing Company established a decade ago as a joint venture between the Satra and Shah families, specialised in manufacturing and designing bathroom products to suit Indian conditions & habits. It was committed to bringing beautiful bathing experiences which relax both your mind and body.
Based in Mumbai, Apple has carved a niche for itself as one of India is most promising and dynamic companies for bathroom luxury products such as Acrylic Bathtubs, Steam Multi-functions, Shower Panels, Pressure Booster Pumps, Steam & Sauna Bath Systems, Whirlpool Bath Systems, Customized Swimming Pools and Health Clubs.

Hard work and foresight complement extensive product development backed by modern production facilities. Together they fuelled our passion to grow and lead, thus bringing us success and recognition in Indian markets.

Innovation & Technology

  • The first in India to make steam bath machine based on Contiflow technology.
  • The first in India to develop infrared Sauna machine for sauna bath.
  • Using large ceramic infrared heating vacuum forming machine to form bathtub shell.
  • First in India to develop pre-assembled plumbing & electrical wiring in pressure booster system for residences to avoid faulty installation.
  • All products are designed as per Indian tastes, habits & ergonomics.
  • Continuous R&D.
  • First & only unit out of Delhi to have entire range manufactured in-house at Mumbai (Western part of India).

Apple was founded on a promise of improved health and well being for our customers. Everything from ergonomic bath design to innovative technical engineering, is done to help restore your energy and strength.

Years of consultation with physiotherapists have enabled our engineers and designers to understand the human body and propagate the benefits of hydrotherapy.
That is why Apple offers 6 different types of hydro therapies, so that you can choose the bathing experience and benefit that suits you the best.